Another day in the office

Oh, hello! Well, here I am, back after well over a year. Have you missed me, world wide web? Or more simply, my blogosphere? Which consists of only myself?

Anywhoo. I shall start anew. I feel like at the beginning of any good blog (not that this blog is anywhere close to good! sub-par, or sub-sub par is more like it) the blogger in question should properly introduce themselves, maybe give a little background information, perhaps present some context or motive for their writing into the black abyss that is the internet.

But me? Mostly I’m just bored. This is sadly not a food, fashion, or travel blog (though it very well could end up turning into one of those things!) It’s just a blah blog.



Anyway. Context. I’m sitting here at work, trying to look busy, and let me tell you – it’s pretty dang hard. I’d much rather have something to do. Yet here I am, wasting away in the corner… perusing Reddit… conspicuously changing browser tabs when someone walks by.

I thought maybe I could learn french while at work seeing as I have so much free time these days… secretly scouring language websites and murmuring to myself in le francais.

Also, I imagined the endless possibilities for my sci-fi erotica kindle single, which I’ve been meaning to write for perhaps a millenia. The details are unclear, but there was going to be a protagonist. An antagonist. Maybe a conflict. A series of revelations. Erotic things would happen. Science-y things would happen. Etc, etc.

The thing is, anytime I start to write this supposed “novel,” I spend way too much time on character development. And not the good kind. Mostly it’s my (often female) protagonist’s character description.

“She had long flowing stawberry-blond hair, curling surreptitiously around her shoulders, much like a forlorn snail”

That’s the kind of purple prose and hyperbole I indulge in.

Okay, like honestly what do people even blog about? Their day? Their interests? This is hard. Sorry for my internal monologue. I guess I could mention that I’m going to Budapest at the end of the month. With my “boyfriend.” I’m still not used to saying that word. Boyfriend. BOYFRIEND. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND.

And… that’s it. That’s all I got.

I don’t want to leave you high and dry of course, so here’s a photo of Rupert Friend (aka Poorlando Bloom):

Hottie mc dottie

Hottie mc dottie

You’re welcome.


5 thoughts on “Another day in the office

  1. I had to drop by to see what I steal your cat is about, not that I am a cat lover or have lost a cat.

    I suppose I should say I also like marmite and have to sneak it into Italy in my baggage. happy blogging.

    • Thank you so much for swinging by and for following me! I will definitely leave your cat alone now. Also I’m glad to hear you’re smuggling Marmite instead of anymore knives 😉

  2. Greetings, fellow one-day-I’ll-write-a noveller 🙂 Thanks for popping over to my blog; I’m glad you left your visiting card! You are even forgiven for liking Marmite (that stuff should only be used for gluing bad guys to ceilings. Believe me, I’m British….). Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts: consider yourself followed (in a non-stalking, blogging way).

    • Aw, thanks a bunch! But YOU DON’T LIKE MARMITE?! I’m not sure if I can get my head around such a concept! I could smother myself with the stuff. But all is forgiven 😛 I look forward to following you, also in a non-stalking, strictly professional blogging way 😉

      • I absolutely hate Marmite- almost as much as I hate finding out that there are no more beers in the fridge. But you too are forgiven; after all, somebody has to eat the stuff. You and Pecora Nera.

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