About Moi

Hello! Welcome to my blog, and thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚ If you ARE reading it, that is! I don’t want to be presumptive. Just in case you’re illiterate, or blind. Because those are the only reasons to not read every single delightful word I’ve typed. If you are in fact illiterate or blind, then thanks all the more for being here, because I’m not quite sure how you are, and I imagine it took a lot of effort so… good job.

Onto more important things, such as myself. I’m a 25-year-old female who currently resides in London (UPDATE: I am now living in a small village in France, and will be here through April!) I will undoubtedly blog about super interesting things, like how Iโ€™m really into Marmite and I think its a complete catastrophe that we donโ€™t have it back in the states. As far as I know, yeast extract is not hard to come by!!

From my wording, you might have inferred that I am an american expat.ย If so, how astute of you. Due to my origins I will often rant about how we are not all fatty troglodytes. I might also make fun of Canadians, because I am bitter, and oh so original.

I will also blog about my travels. My assistantship. My hatred of the french language. My love of cats.

I might also document my shitty attempts at crocheting.
Take candid and evocative photos of ย the colony of feral cats that live in a suspicious looking wooded area.
There may be haikus. There may be anime fan art.
Just read my blog, okay??! I implore you.

PS. Sorry for the comma splices.
PPS. Sorry about the pretentious french name.


7 thoughts on “About Moi

  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and for following me! Allow me to return the favour – you now have one reader anyway! I read a lot and I’ve never heard of hair flowing surreptitiously before so I’m intrigued to see what else you come up with!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Linda.

    • Yay, thanks so much!!!! ‘Tis greatly appreciated. And don’t worry, I have a whole lot more verbiage up my sleeve! I look forward to boggling your mind with convoluted, hard-to-understand sentences in the near future ;D

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